Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yoga at Home

If you feel your time is limited but desire to try yoga, why not buy a yoga dvd and check it out for yourself at home. You would be surprised at how many wonderful yoga dvds/cd are around. You can even take them out at your local library. Some of my favorites include:

"Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class," audio CD with Bikram Choudhury.*
"Yoga Journal's YOGA for Strength and Energy," with Rodney Yee.
"Vinyasa Flow Yoga. The Body and Beyond," with Seane Corn.
"Fluid Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga," with Shiva Rea.

These dvds/cd are intermediate, so I recommend finding a yoga teacher to help in your process of opening up and exploring your body's true potential through yoga.

Have a great day!

*Important to practise in a heated room.

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