Friday, May 22, 2009

A Journey Home

A yoga practice is like a journey home. A teacher of mine once said, "Coming back to your yoga mat, is like coming back home."

As humans, we have grand inclinations to find 'Home' again. Many of us desire to create the warmth and security, love and affection we felt as babies, nestled in our mothers loving arms. For some of us that sense of security never came into our childhood days so we strive as adults to find the most important missing link in our lives - LOVE.

Like Sir Paul McCartney sang, " All we need is love."

Love lifts us when we are down. It pushes us to our next challenge. It brings nations together and helps create balance in our lives.
Love can be found anywhere and everywhere to those who are willing to give. Giving love to others automatically sets the stage for an abundance of love to return to our beings. Give love and receive love. A simple technique yet higly affective.

For myself, much love is created through yoga. Yoga is my true love. Yoga is my guide to clarity, wisdom and peace. Yoga is love. Love is yoga.

The next time you find yourself situated on your favorite yoga mat anticipating a glorious yoga class to commence, take a moment to ground your energy, and center your thoughts towards love and home. Home is an nostalgic word. The energy behind the word home will calm your mind and center you. Think of your yoga mat as home and your yoga practice as your journey home to comfort, love and joy.
Much love,