Thursday, May 19, 2011

I just received a gorgeous pedicure from the ladies at Granville Day Spa. Light purple with artistic flowers. Stunning.

My issue now is whether I not I attend Hot Yoga tonight. I risk the chance of my pretty toes being ruined! I'm challenging this month and would really like to finish the 30 Days necessary to complete it.

What to do? There are cons and pros to both scenarios. Going to class, feeling fantastic and checking another day off my challenge is a definite pro. Staying out of the steamy hot room to avoid ruining my lovely pampered feet is a con/pro. How long should/would/could I not enter the hot humid room in favour of my totsies? A day, two, three, a week?! If that's the case then my Challenge is over and uncompleted resulting in a big, nasty con. Of course feeling good and having cute feet is the ideal situation.

What to do, what to do? I'm tore between the two. I could possibly go back to the Spa tomorrow if my toes are wrecked and ask to get them fixed up?

I'm letting it go and giving it up. The solution will come and all will be well.

Until next time.


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